Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jiannis Loulourgas "live": S'agapo yiati eisai oraia

One of these rare occasions, when magic is in the air. Late at night we came to a place called "Karafaki" in the port of Pythagorio on the island of Samos. After some time, my friend Jiannis Loulourgas, luthier and singer/bouzouki player, came walking along the harbour on his way home, but decided to stop and join us at our table for a drink or two.

We convinced him to play some songs for us despite the fact that he already had played all evening in a restaurant. So he opened his bouzouki case again, took out his bouzouki and sang and played a couple of songs for us. This is pure music, a voice and a bouzouki, nothing more!

I was glad to have my audio recorder with me. Here is one of the songs he sang in that night: "S'agapo yiati eisai oraia". A beautiful traditional song originating from Asia Minor. Listen and sit with us - at least acoustically - at our table in that night of September 27th, 2008.
In the background you can even hear the music of a tavern nearby.

The photos of Jiannis depicted in this presentation I took in the summer of 2008 at a different site in Pythagorio called "Notos".

Jiannis Loulourgas "live": S'agapo yiati eisai oraia from Peter Molz on Vimeo.

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